Medi2data featured in Corporate Advisor article

Medi2data’s CEO and Founder Richard Freeman shares his insight into access to medical data and how technology can enable efficient reporting, in a recent Corporate Adviser article.

Technology now exists – with an electronic medical reporting (eMR) platform – that cuts the turnaround time of supplying medical reports right down from 35 to five days. Technology enables more client/patient involvement, as clients can authorise data sharing more quickly and with transparency.

Richard Freeman

eMR and eMR+ services go live with SystmOne

We’re delighted to announce that our integration with TPP is now complete, which means that eMR and eMR+ are fully operational for practices who use SystmOne software.

All 2,500 SystmOne GP practices can now, at flick of a switch, activate eMR and eMR+ to access huge time and cost savings. The services are free and include the technology platform. eMR+ customers receive the additional benefit of a fully-managed service which offloads all the completion of insurance reports and SARs to our Training and Customer Support Team.

Lynn Moffat, Medi2data’s Director of Operations and Business Services is delighted to welcome the SystmOne community.

‘TPP customers have had to wait a long time for this day to finally arrive and we are just delighted to welcome those 2,500 customers, for whom life in their practice is going to change. It will be our absolute pleasure to provide our high-standard professional services and allow our new SystmOne customers to concentrate on running their busy practices.’

Lynn Moffat

Medi2data in FT Advisor: How tech can help your clients to claim

An article written by Richard Freeman, our Chief Executive and Founder, addressing the challenges relating to medical reporting faced by GP practices, patients and insurers, has recently been published in FT Advisor.

The key role that technology plays is also highlighted in the piece.

“Not only does the eMR technology platform mean that claims are expedited, the process can also be tracked in real time, enabling advisers and insurers to deliver the ultimate customer service and client experience.”

richard Freeman

Medi2data featured in FT Adviser innovation in underwriting article

Medi2data has been featured in an article, published in FT Adviser on 4 March 2021, which focuses on innovation in underwriting and addresses the benefits of electronic services for medical reporting.

“We now have the capability to take data directly from GPs’ records and put them straight into an underwriting rules engine system, and hopefully we will be able to launch a same-day service by the end of this year.”

Richard Freeman, Founder and Chief Executive of Medi2data

Need for medical reports will spiral as a result of Covid

The insurance industry is under pressure as a result of Covid, and it’s set to increase. As the job retention scheme ends1, there will be increases in unemployment, those on universal credit and income protection claims. This will mean an increase in requests for medical reports as people need to demonstrate if they have a health condition or disability that prevents them from working2.

With GPs dealing with the vaccination roll-out, logistical restrictions on the number of patients they can see in surgeries, and increased remote consultations, this is a pressure to their workload they could well do without. The result is likely to be increased delays in medical reports being processed which is bad news for all, not least patients who will face delays to payments. Insurers will be impacted too as they deal with the administrative burden of chasing, processing and managing patient data.

Richard Freeman, managing director of Medi2data says: ‘Sharing patient medical data, with patients’ consent, efficiently and quickly, is in the interests of everyone involved, from insurers to GP surgeries to patients. That need is about to increase and it’s vital that a solution is in place.’

It’s paramount that any electronic transfer of medical information is GDPR-compliant, swift, secure and trusted. Just as structured medical data reports make it easier to review and sign-off by GP practices, it also makes it easier for insurers to review for underwriting and claims assessment. The majority of GP surgeries are now able to transfer medical information that has patient approval in this manner and insurers need to be ready to work with them.

There are approximately 3 million Subject to Access Requests (SARS) every year and 2.8 million requests for medical reports (AMRA). The industry has been used to an average turnaround time for SARS of 30-40 days, and 25 days for AMRAs. However, the latest technology platform now makes it a reality to turn around SARS requests within 10-14 days, and AMRAs in just five days.

Richard Freeman continued, ‘The technology exists to make this impending increased demand much more manageable, and it’s vital for GPs, patients and insurers that it’s utilised. Now is the time for insurers to ensure they are fully aware of the latest platforms to fulfil AMRAs and to incorporate them into their administration of underwriting and claims processes and procedures.

‘GP surgeries have saved significant time using such technology, and this has proved a great incentive for them to use it – which of course is key in the insurance process – and the resulting five-day turnaround brings clear advantages for insurers: benefitting their customers, ie patients, too.’


  1. The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme extended to 30 April 2021 –
  2. You might get an extra amount of Universal Credit if you have a health condition or disability that prevents you from working or preparing for work –

Find out more about eMR.

Proud to be a GP IT Futures Compliant Supplier

We’re delighted to announce that Medi2data has been awarded a place on the new NHS GP IT Futures framework, part of the NHS Digital Buying Catalogue, which replaces GP Systems of Choice (GPSoC).

We truly welcome the adoption of this new framework, which closely aligns with our commitment to providing GP practices with our free software solution, eMR.

Richard Freeman, Medi2data CEO and Founder says, “I am so very proud of the Company reaching this significant milestone, as it demonstrates to the market, that our product and services are being delivered to the highest governance and safety standards, whilst delivering incredible benefits to our GP surgery customers. It is also clear that many Government departments and agencies are going to use the GP IT Futures framework, as a key standard when tendering services from accredited suppliers.”

Find out more about eMR.

Medi2data and Patients Association forge key partnership in patient-centric digital R&D project

Patient-first collaboration

Medi2data is collaborating with the Patients Association on a new product development project. The partnership enables patients to directly contribute to the development of Medi2data’s future offering, helping shape digital user experiences that meet the specific needs of patients, not just clinicians.

By sharing a patient-centric culture, the Patients Association and Medi2data are working to make sure the acceleration in digital adoption surrounding health and medical information, doesn’t ignore the needs of the end-user – the patient.

Patient groups are road-testing early versions of new Medi2data technologies, providing crucial feedback that helps Medi2data’s team of developers and user experience specialists refine products and services, ensuring they’re fit for purpose.

All of us are better when we work together

Rachel Power, CEO at Patients Association, said, “We are pleased to be working with Medi2data. This work will mean patient involvement feeds into the design, development and testing of a new product making it more accessible and patient-friendly”.

Richard Freeman, Founder and CEO at Medi2data, said, “We can’t create products without understanding patient needs, challenges and frustrations. The support from the Patient Association is invaluable in allowing us access to a wide range of patient feedback, so we can create new and innovative technologies that empower patients and help them access and manage their own medical information. This approach drives forward Medi2data’s raison d’etre, which has always been to co-produce technologies with partners, end-users and customers”.

Medi2data expands its senior team with a technical project manager appointment

Medi2data has bolstered its senior team with the appointment of Emma Gale, who brings over 15 years of professional health informatics experience to the team.

Emma will be responsible for the development and roll out of eMR Health Passport, which will allow patients to securely access and share their electronic GP medical records, patient reports and clinical correspondence with authorised third parties such as higher education institutions,  insurers, solicitors and government agencies.

Built on Medi2data’s flagship eMR software and part- funded by Innovate UK Smart Grant Scheme, this game-changing app will free up time in GP practices across the UK, provide secure and fast access to patient data for authorised third parties and give patients greater control of their medical data.

On her appointment, Emma commented, “I’m delighted to be heading up a project with such potential. The health passport gives the patient ownership of their own medical records including clinical correspondence and diagnostic tests, the possibilities are endless. People with long term conditions will no longer have to repeat their story to several health professionals, individuals will have control over who has access to their data.  This is what we have all been waiting for.“

“Medi2data works closely with the academics at Swansea University, which is where my informatics journey began. Since then I’ve worked around the world – most recently setting up EMR systems in the Falkland Islands and St. Helena – so it’s nice to be back where it all began.”  

Richard Freeman, CEO of Medi2data said, “Emma has a solid background in deploying successful healthcare IT projects and we’re delighted to welcome her on the Medi2data team at this exciting stage of our growth.” 

Creating digital medical reports just got easier with eMR’s new features release

New auto-populated templates

Medi2data is deploying major new enhancements to its proprietary software eMR, which delivers further benefits and savings to GP Practices. These enhancements simplify the process of processing paper-based third party instructions for patient information and create digital medical reports in minutes. GPs and practice staff can select a report template which relates to an instruction type (DVLA, DWP, Firearms, Insurance, SAR)  and the selected digital report template will auto-populate with relevant patient data directly from the patient record – digitising medical reports in seconds.

Simplifying the complex

These market-leading new features were developed by eMR’s clinical and technical teams, after witnessing the labour-intensive process practices endured while developing their eMR+ outsourced medical reporting service. Following consultations with GP practices, the new digital reporting features can save GPs and practice staff up to 82% in time and direct costs.

Medi2data CEO and Founder, Richard Freeman, explains, “GP practices receive a wide range of report requests every week – from Subject to Access requests from Solicitors to DWP and insurance reports – all asking for different patient data in a variety of formats.

“Practices can spend more than 20 hours a week reviewing records, scanning, formatting, printing and posting paper-based medical reports to non-NHS third parties  – which is time-consuming and highly inefficient for the practice and causes delays for instructing parties and patients, who require the medical information quickly, in order to complete, for example, a house move, claim insurance or state benefits or renew a driving licence.

Freeman continues, “We wanted to remove this daily hassle and create a simple and quick process for all requests for patient data received by the GP practice, so we did our research and developed a simple and intuitive suite of features within the secure eMR application. All of this is free to the GP practice, already saving 35,000 days every year for GP practices to reallocate to improved patient care.”

Want a sneak preview?

Book a webinar to see discover how eMR’s simple to use functionality will save your practice two days in time, every week.

Medi2data secures Innovate UK Smart Grant to support eMR Health Passport

Medi2data has closed a Smart Grant application of £259,100 to further research and develop its innovative mobile application, eMR Health Passport.

Using the company’s flagship proprietary software, eMR, Medi2data develops highly secure applications that make it simple for GP practices and patients to exchange data.

The project, titled ‘eMR Health Passport – a patient-centric mobile application to securely hold and transmit medical data’, aims to further enhance the technology’s potential by developing a fully interactive app that will securely hold a copy of the patient’s medical record in an easy-to-navigate format.

Crucially, eMR Health Passport provides a digital solution to two of today’s most pressing healthcare challenges:

1) GPs are becoming overwhelmed by GDPR requirements for data handling and requests for patient medical records from third parties, costing primary care an estimated £70m. Medi2data estimates these costs could be considerably reduced by using eMR technology and interfacing through the health passport with the patient.

2) eMR Health Passport also offers a novel solution to rising levels of mental illness, distress, and low wellbeing among UK higher education students. It provides students with the first free patient-centric health wallet with access to real-time data monitoring performance.

The interactive app will allow users to control who sees their medical data, ensuring appropriate consent. Information stored in the app can be pushed back to their GP practice from health organisations outside the NHS, or overseas, and ‘redacted’ records can be created for authorised third parties to receive.

We’re delighted to be receiving this grant from Innovate UK in order to develop and enhance our proprietary technologies. The Smart Grant means we can build on our achievements and test new innovative software and applications that not only gives patients control of their medical data, but has the potential for significant societal impact in how healthcare services are delivered for decades to come.

Richard Freeman, Founder and Chief Executive

The enhanced application will allow users to access and update their health record from anywhere in the world at any time, improving patient outcomes and the relationship between GP and patient.

Mr Richard Freeman, CEO of Medi2Data said of the success, “We’re delighted to be receiving this grant from Innovate UK in order to develop and enhance our proprietary technologies. The Smart Grant means we can build on our achievements and test new innovative software and applications that not only gives patients control of their medical data, but has the potential for significant societal impact in how healthcare services are delivered for decades to come.”

Innovate UK is part of UK Research and Innovation, a non-departmental public body funded by a grant-in-aid from the UK government. For more information, visit the UK Research and Innovation website.

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