Richard Freeman features in a recent article published by the FT Advisor

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Medi2data’s CEO, Richard Freeman shares his thoughts and expertise in a recent article published by the FTAdvisor, titled ‘GP delays over insurance cause ‘real suffering’.

A thought provoking article that explains how Medi2data are addressing and combatting delays in insurance claims and processing through our innovative technology.

Freeman said there is often a disconnect between insurers and GPs – and it is not always the GP’s fault when it comes to providing the necessary information for either applications or claims.

Quite often, it is the sheer burden of paperwork on GPs.

According to Freeman, Medi2data provides a way of cutting down that admin time by using a series of template forms for each insurer that can automatically pull the patient’s relevant data and populate the form with the right information needed for that insurer. 

Richard Freeman, CEO of Medi2data, featured in the FTAdvisor

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