Utilise our eMR technology and produce GDPR compliant, electronic medical reports in minutes. 

What does eMR do?

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Digital Transformation
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Revolutionise your SAR sharing process

Embrace digital transformation through our easy and secure SAR sharing functionality. 

Replace a labour intensive and costly process with a digitised patient journey, enabling you to securely share SARs with patients or third-parties electronically.

Here's how it works

  1. Add patient or third-party email address and contact number when creating a SAR
  2. Patient or third-party receives a text message once the SAR is available to access
  3. Patient or third-party receives an email containing a secure link 
  4. After clicking on the link, the patient or third-party goes through a dual-factor authentication process 
  5. Patients can view their SAR and share with third-parties should they wish
  6. Third-parties have access to the SAR for 30 days

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