Outsource your entire medical reporting process to our in-house team of expert clinicians and data processors.

Why outsource using eMR+?

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Reduction in chaser calls & emails

The Fully Managed Service - eMR+

Step 1

Once set-up with our eMR+ service, quickly and easily submit your requests for medical reports via our secure online form.

Step 2

Once your request has been submitted, our team of expert data processors will triage the information, ensuring all required information has been received before processing the request using eMR.

Step 3

Once the eMR technology has produced the provisional medical report, our team of specialised clinicians review and sign off each medical report.

Step 4

Where applicable, invoices are raised and sent to the requesting party for payment. Once received and following reconciliation, the report is forwarded to the requesting party.

Step 5

Once the medical report has been completed, our team of operatives electronically send the report to the requesting party.

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