Simple, Secure access to your Medical Data...anytime...anywhere 

Our Health and Wellbeing is critically important and yet until now, we have not been able to access our GP heath records in anything like the fast and convenient manner we can access other information.

We are offering you the opportunity to securely access your medical information from anywhere in world, through a simple request to your GP Practice. Within a few days of your request and written consent, your GP Practice can make a copy of your records accessible to you securely, using a technology called ‘eMR’.

woman on holiday checking her medical records

Once you have access to your medical record, you can securely access it anytime, anywhere. With your consent, you can also authorise any third party to have access to your medical information too. This means you could share it with a clinician outside the NHS in the UK or abroad, as you seek medical attention or advice or when accessing virtual healthcare services such as online GP and prescription services.

You can also use this service when needing to provide this information to your Solicitor, Medical or Life Insurer. For more information contact your GP Practice and ask about eMR and how you can get your access to your electronic medical record through a simple Subject to Access request.



Helping your GP

We provide your GP with a free software tool called eMR which produces medical reports and copies of your patient record in a more efficient, effective and compliant manner, leaving them more time to see patients.

Why MediData?

Our market leading service provides a simple, fast and compliant method for your GP surgery to issue an electronic medical report on your behalf. This means quicker decision making for you and your instructing agent.

Your Consent

Your consent is of paramount importance.

We can NOT request your GP to provide any information from your patient record without your written consent.

Data Security

We are committed to safeguarding your personal data and only operate following your explicit consent. All information is processed within an encrypted and safe environment. You can access our privacy policy below.

You can access our privacy policy here.