Simple, Secure and Swift access to your Medical Data 

MediData provides your GP surgery with a secure method of transmitting your medical data

In using our software, your GP surgery can save significant time and process more efficiently your medical information contained within your patient record. This results in you receiving your medical reports or copies of your patient record more quickly.

We work with your GP surgery to ensure that when required, you receive your medical information speedily, all necessary consents are in place and that the transmission of your data is done securely and complies with all the necessary data protection legislation. 



Helping your GP

We provide your GP with a free software tool called eMR which produces medical reports and copies of your patient record in a more efficient, effective and compliant manner, leaving them more time to see patients.

Why MediData?

Our market leading service provides a simple, fast and compliant method for your GP surgery to issue an electronic medical report on your behalf. This means quicker decision making for you and your instructing agent.

Your Consent

Your consent is of paramount importance. We can NOT request your GP to provide any information from your patient record without you signing or in some cases, verbally consenting for this to happen.

Data Security

We are committed to safeguarding your personal data and only operate following your explicit consent. All information is processed within an encrypted and safe environment. You can access our privacy policy below.

You can access our privacy policy here.