Delivering fast and accurate medical data within market leading turnaround times.

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OMEG is our industry leading, outsourced medical evidence gathering service. Trusted by organisations across the UK, OMEG is proven to deliver fast and accurate medical data to instructing parties.

Whether you require full medical records, Summary Care Records, General Practitioners Reports or bespoke targeted medical records, our team of experienced and specialised case handlers will ensure you receive the medical evidence you require within market leading turnaround times.

Our Primary Care Footprint

OMEG benefits from the provision of Medi2data’s accredited services to Primary Care across the UK, through the delivery of its 3 services available to GP surgeries.

These services allow GP surgeries to utilise Medi2data’s proprietary technology to produce electronic GDPR compliant medical reports (eMR) or outsource the entire process to Medi2data (eMR+ & eMR+ Lite).

Medical evidence turnaround times for GP surgeries utilising our services is on average 80% faster than the traditional medical evidence gathering process.

Information Governance & Accreditations

Our highly secure platform, MD-X, transacts high volumes of encrypted data held securely within the United Kingdom. The platform, together with the OMEG delivery team operate to the highest accreditations and standards, ensuring our clients benefit from a world class secure and compliant service.

Our standards and accreditations are evidenced through our listing in the NHS GP IT Futures Catalogue as an accredited NHS Supplier and ISO 27001 accreditation, in addition to our numerous cyber security and information governance accreditations.

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