Haughton Thornley Medical Practices free up 18 hours a week with eMR+

Haughton Thornley Medical Practices in Manchester look after 12,700 patients over two sites. Having such a large patient list means the sites need to run as efficiently as possible to meet demand.

Practice staff found they were struggling to keep up with the growing number of SARs and medical report requests from insurers, DWP, solicitors and other third parties, averaging between 15 to 20 requests each week.

Despite allocating 12 staff hours and at least six GP hours a week to processing reports, keeping up with the influx of requests was putting additional strain on staff working remotely due to COVID-19 measures. With limited access to practice resources, it was difficult to provide patient information in a variety of formats for different organisations. Some instructions weren’t 100% clear which could lead to confusion and errors.

Deborah Smith, practice manager, and Lorraine Hall, finance officer, saw eMR+ as a logical solution to free up time and reduce stress within the practice. Lorraine says, “It was a no-brainer for us. Our admin team used to spend hours every week struggling to complete reports, and now it takes just five minutes each morning. We send our instructions to the eMR+ team who manage the entire process, including same day response and payment management.

“We were using eMR within the practice before making the move to eMR+, so were already confident in the software’s ability to accurately auto-redact and double-check patient data, making sure reports are GDPR-compliant before securely sharing them with third parties. Now we don’t need to interface with the software at all and it saves our GPs valuable time.

eMR+ has made our lives so much easier. There’s no more stress or worry about not meeting deadlines. We’ve had positive feedback from insurers that they’re happy with the improved level of service too.

“The team at medi2data has been outstanding. From quick set up to ongoing support, we’ve been overjoyed with the level of service. They’re always there when we need them.” 

Lorraine would recommend eMR+ to other practices, saying, “GP practices simply don’t need to spend time and worry processing these reports. Why bother?

“It can sometimes be difficult to give up the control of managing certain tasks within a practice environment, but we’re delighted we made the change. Staff time is reallocated to other tasks, GPs are happy they don’t have the extra admin, and third parties are happy that they’re getting accurate reports quicker than ever before.

I’d recommend eMR+ to any practice to remove the hassle of medical reporting. It’s free for GP practices to use and saves hours of admin every week. It’s an absolute no-brainer!

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