Patients receive simple and secure access to their medical data

Helping you to manage your medical data

We’re here to help your GP.  We’re also here to help you to easily see your medical data, stay in control of it and decide who you want to share it with. We’ve worked hard to develop our NHS GP IT Futures-accredited technology eMR which interfaces with your GP practice’s system to extract your medical record.  This means you can receive a full copy of that information securely and share it with others as you wish, keeping your data safe.

Let us introduce you to Lalu…
The secure health wallet

Lalu+ is our FREE secure mobile app which allows you in a few simple steps to access your medical information direct from your GP surgery (starting with your COVID vaccinations).

We’re absolutely committed to our mission to make sure you:

  • have access to all your medical information
  • keep it securely stored in the United Kingdom
  • access and view your medical data in a simple and structured format
  • stay completely in control as you decide with whom you share your health information

Lalu uses trusted and NHS accredited technology called eMR, that will give you peace of mind that your health data is accurate and remains in your control. 

To sign up to Lalu+ visit

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Benefits of Lalu:

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