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eMR technology allows clients to submit a digital instruction to any GP practice in the UK and receive an electronic patient report in return, via the secure eMR portal.

We provide a fully managed service, which means there’s no more issuing letters of instruction, chasing GP surgeries, scanning hardcopy reports, or processing GP fee payments. Our experienced client operatives carry out all these tasks on your behalf.

In addition, eMR+ is a unique Third-Party Administration service we offer to GP practices. Under data sharing and service agreements, GP practices enable us to receive on their behalf requests for patient medical reports. This service includes secure clinical signoff, which makes this process even quicker and easier for our clients, providing them with industry-leading report turnaround times.

Our commitment to data security and governance

The eMR technology software, which GP surgeries and third-party clients use, incorporates strict GDPR and Data Protection protocols and adheres to the highest NHS data security standards within the GP IT Futures Framework.

Any data processed by eMR is:

Our pledge to clients

We’ve worked with GP practices for decades, so we understand their daily pressures, as well as data protection and GDPR compliance issues they face, which create a lot of additional work. eMR’s intuitive functionality and state-of-the-art redaction tools allow GP practices to complete reports accurately and efficiently, saving time and unnecessary costs.

As a result, clients receive relevant, well-structured, and cost-effective digital medical reports – helping them provide excellent service to their customers.

No set up, licence or integration costs. Just sign up and pay a transaction cost for each digital medical report. It’s that easy!

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eMR+ launched to provide vital support to practices in challenging times.

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Read how a medical group in Gateshead has reduced time spent on medical reporting by 50%.


Working efficiently during a global crisis, and beyond.

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