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Free Remote Medical Reporting Service

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Service Overview

eMR’s Remote Medical Reporting Service is a free service available to GP surgeries looking to alleviate the pressure on resources to complete Subject to Access Requests, Insurance Reports, DVLA & DWP Reports whilst your practice deals with the impact of COVID-19 pandemic.

What Does This Involve?

  • Data Sharing Agreement: Permission for eMR to process 3rd party reports/records on the Practice's behalf
  • Collection: We will obtain digitally transmitted copies of 3rd party letters of instruction from your Practice. 
  • GDPR: We obtain the patient's consent in addition to your authorisation (for Subject to Access Requests).  
  • Clinical Team: All reports are signed off by a Certified Clinician with appropriate Professional Indemnity cover.
  • Reallocate Workload: free-up staff capacity to focus on Patients' needs
  • Fast Payment Service: All fees electronically paid directly into your bank account

"My Practice has been using eMR for a while now and we find the programme to be quick, efficient and very simple to use. The safety features eMR  uses when dealing with patient records is excellent and gives you total peace of mind when sending medical records. "

Hannah Hadaway, Team Leader