We are fortunate to be working with a number of highly professional partners, focused on assisting MediData Exchange develop and deliver market leading MedTech solutions.

We are particularly grateful to the GP community who have been central in shaping the functionality and usability of the eMR. Practice Managers have also been actively involved in focus groups, as we finalised the eMR software for deployment.

Our academic and research partner, Swansea University, carried out the eMR evaluation in 2018 and we continue to work in collaboration in order that we may deliver a valued service within our eco-system. You can access a copy of their evaluation report here.

We welcome EMIS Health as a valued partner, to whom eMR is a fully accrediting Partner Product. We are currently working with other GP operating system partners, so that all GP surgeries across the UK may benefit from for the ground-breaking software that is eMR.