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GP surgeries seeing an increase in SARs following GDPR. Does this ring true for you?

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The survey carried out by GPon-line and Medeconomics with 237GPs and Practice Managers found that on average they received 7 SARs per week. GP on-line recently published a sobering article highlighting the impact of GDPR on surgeries.  57%said their practices had seen a rise in SARs since the GDPR was introduced in May 2018. 

‘The majority (62%) said it took them longer than 30 minutes….with18% saying it took longer than an hour’

If we look at that last figure of 18%, that equates to one staff member spending more than 7 hours per week on a task for which the surgery receives no income. In addition to staff costs, there are additional printing and postage costs. GPs also highlighted that these tasks were taking time away from patient care. 

What has been your experience of GDPR – how has it impacted your practice? Have you experienced higher volumes of SARs? Please post below. 

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