About us
The team behind the technology

Who we are

We’re a team of passionate primary care specialists, medics, data informatics and industry experts who have come together to create simple, intuitive technologies which revolutionise how medical data is digitally reported and transacted.

After witnessing the daily logistical and data protection challenges that GP practice staff experience while compiling patient reports, including printing, photocopying, checking and posting, we thought there must be a better way.

We wanted to remove the complex processes by creating intuitive and simple-to-use technologies that deliver immediate impact for our customers and clients – freeing up hours of valuable time every week.

Our ‘what is possible’ approach to how patients’ medical data is accessed, means we’re constantly evolving our technologies to help drive efficiency, minimise risk and reduce pressure on GP practices across the UK.

Why us?

Practices are under pressure to adhere to ever-changing compliance and data protection legislation, and we wanted to make things easier. We set out to simplify the process and while doing so, help practices to work smarter.

Our foundation principles for creating eMR were:

Make it free

To overcome any financial barrier, eMR is and always will be free for GP practices to use.

Make it easy to use

Implementation must be quick, and the software intuitive to minimise training requirements.

Make it cost-efficient

Driving down unnecessary time and cost to help GP practices run much more efficiently.

Make it safe

Adhering to the highest NHS standards of information governance and data protection.

Find out more about eMR’s development in an interview with our Founder and CEO, Richard Freeman here.

Our partner network has helped us develop and deliver market-leading HealthTech solutions for GP practices across the UK.

We develop technologies in full collaboration with research, academia, our customers and supply networks. This collaboration has allowed us to develop transformational software solutions for GP practices, patients and our clients.

Collaboration is key

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